Did you know you can have black bees delivered at your doorstep by the Belgian Post?
Sounds like a fantastic way to annoy your postman!
But.. Christina Stadlbauer, who is working in the no-zone of
nadine in Schaerbeek, decided she’s going to pick them up her self in Chimey… Too kind.

Within the Rue Gallait 80, currently called: The Ever Mass Land, a new project emerged: The Ever WASTEland. The Wasteland is an open ground open to ecological and social projects. It gives the opportunity to people, bees and ecosystems to actively intervene within.

One of these projects is Christina’s ‘Bzzz – Bees in Urban Space’. She has now installed beehives in 3 different locations in Brussels. The aim is to use the hives and their products as monitors of natural processes in the city.

So, the beehive installation is ready, the bees will be brought by personal taxi and then what? What else has been planned?

The observation can start, but not before we’ve done some good technical research into camera’s, microphones and registration devices. To further stress the sustainable character of the project and to make this whole observation and transmission independent, the installation of photo-voltaic panels for renewable energy supply is intended.

The observation will be put online soon, in the meantime you can check okno’s Open Green’s pages with the honeybee observatory.

By next year we’ll be eating a pot of city honey.
But… if no bees should survive this city life, we can conclude that no human beings shall live here in 20 years either.

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