Tue 5.11.13
Tue 5.11.13

RusClub #6



(NL) RusClub is een platform voor Russische cinema. Elke maand organiseert nadine een cinema avond samen met Alexandra Dementieva die het publiek doorheen de geschiedenis van de Russische cinema gidst aan de hand van twee geselecteerde films. De volgende RusClub vindt plaats op dinsdag 5 november in Plateau (Herdersstraat 30, Elsene). De deuren openen om 7u30 en de eerste film start om 8u.
(EN) RusClub is a platform for Russian cinema. Every month nadine hosts a cinema-evening where Alexandra Dementieva selects two Russian movies and guides you through the history of Russian cinema. Next RusClub will take place on Tuesday 5 november at Plateau, Rue du Berger 30 Herdersstraat in Ixelles, Elsene. The doors open at 7:30pm and the first movie starts at 8pm. 
Selection 05/11
directors Grigori Kozintsev, Leonid Trauberg - 1931 - 1'20 - composer Dmitri Shostakovich
A young teacher after graduation is going to marry her fiancé and work in the city, suddenly gets assigned to Altai and not wanting to be a deserter of the labor front, sacrifices his personal life and comfort and agrees to departure.
It was originally planned as a silent film, but it was eventually released with a soundtrack comprising sound effects, some dialogue (recorded after the filming) and a full orchestral score by Dmitri Shostakovich. The film, about a young teacher sent to work in Siberia, is in a realist mode and addresses three political topics then current: education, technology, and the elimination of the kulaks.
Long and happy life
director Gennadii Shpalikov- 1966 - 1'16
The two young people met by chance and spent one evening together. Sympathy felt could develop into a deep feeling. But in the morning they felt the emptiness and awkwardness and broke under whatever pretext, without even trying to explain.