Wed 1.09.10
(All day)
Sun 24.10.10
(All day)

Le Schaerbeekois


In this shop you can buy honey, but… not with money. Tell a story, sing a song, bring a recipe or share your experience about bees or honey and in exchange you will get honey Le Schaarbeekois. Each minute you talk, buys 4 grams of honey. All the harvested stories will be recorded (video or audio) and compiled into a short documentary that will be shown in this shop (date to be confirmed).

Everybody is welcome to visit and share ideas during the opening hours!!

Le Schaarbeekois is all natural and made by bees in the hives at the back garden of rue Gallait 80, behind de Kriekelaar (the community center of Schaarbeek at rue Gallait 86).
It is harvested by beekeeper Christina by cold centrifugation only.
The shop will remain open until 24 October.